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We are a Michigan-based business telemarketing company that generates qualified sales leads.

Industries we specialize in include: manufacturing, engineering, IT / technology, healthcare, HR, and business product, service, and solution firms.

Sales Lead Generation

Lead Generation

We connect your sales staff to qualified prospects

Sales Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

We set qualified sales appointments for your sales force

Marketing Surveys and Research

Surveys & Research

Business customer satisfaction surveys and market research

Successful marketing requires a
sound strategy,
first rate communications,
consistent execution over the long haul

- Onset Marketing, 2003

Why Choose Us

Strategic, structured, streamlined approach.

Educated, experienced callers.

No calls from homes or overseas.

No bullpen calling - our callers each work in their own enclosed walled office.

No call scripts.

Extensive experience promoting complex products, services and solutions.

Bottom Line

We have the experience, methodologies and resources in place to deliver successful campaigns.

Please allow us the opportunity to discuss how we can generate sales leads for you.