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Surveys & Research

Business Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Market Research

We perform business customer satisfaction surveys to help companies discover opportunities and trends leading to increased business performance and profits.

Many of our survey campaigns target a combination of existing customers and non-customers to provide interesting contrasts in perspectives.

We help companies:

  • Discover customer satisfaction, issues and purchasing plans
  • Understand competitor pricing, product features and customer loyalty
  • Collect data for use in PR and testimonials
  • Identify industry trends and opportunities

Below are some sample business customer satisfaction and market research project case studies.

Business satisfaction surveys

Case Study: Market Research and Customer Expectations Project

Performed an extensive US market research campaign to:

  • Advise client on business growth strategy
  • Determine target market comparative views of customers and competitors
  • Determine customer and prospect service level expectations

The campaign involved:

  • Customer, prospect and competitor surveying
  • Surveys performed via phone, interactive Internet forms and in-person
  • Integrated primary & secondary market research
  • Comprehensive analytical & trend analysis
  • Data visualization and descriptive statistics

Campaign Results:
Solid business recommendations on strategic direction, growth and investment opportunities, backed by comprehensive market research findings and analytics. The campaign also produced a large prospect database, complete with full contact information and purchasing plans.

Below are a few sample charts and graphics developed during the campaign:

Customer satisfaction surveys

Case Study: Competitive Shop Labor Rates

Our Client: An industrial systems manufacturing firm
Project Objective: Collect and analyze competitor shop labor rates to determine cost cutting opportunities
Approach: Tele-surveying
Result: Determination of union and non-union shop labor rates and benefits at key competitors

Case Study: Gain Market Understanding and Identify Key Business Prospects

Our Client: A business services firm that serves large corporate enterprises
Project Objective: Gain a detailed understanding of marketplace characteristics and needs; Identify companies that are priority sales leads
Approach: Systematically gather and record survey data using an integrated phone, email and online survey form;
Then analyze to assess basic market trends and companies with potential sales opportunities
Result: Developed a detailed market profile with defined company growth opportunities and key prospects in each market sector

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